Dr. Bennett’s Thoughts on: Pain

Dr. Bennett’s Thoughts on: PAIN If your pet is not moving around like a young pet, it is most likely from pain.  If not using a limb/foot properly, think pain. Pain can be from poor genetics causing conditions like elbow changes or hip dysplasia and similar problems.  In general these conditions lead to arthritis. Arthritis… Read More

Preparing For Anesthesia – Check List

ANESTHESIA MACHINE:PREP Hoses Reservoir bag Isoflurane levels adequate Fresh baralyme granules Turn on O2 O2 levels adequate Scavenger/exhaust switches on Pressure check machine MONITORING EQUIPTMENT AND ANESTHETIST SUPPLIES Multifunction monitor plugged in and functional Stethoscope Blood pressure accessories Thermometer DENTAL PROCEDURES ORAL SX SUPPLIES (if needed)  Dental machine on and clean Water tanks filled with… Read More

Anesthesia Check List – Patient Care

Anesthesia Check List – PATIENT CARE Hospital Admit: 1. Get a history from the client a. Any coughing/sneezing/vomiting/diarrhea? b. When was the last time the patient ate? c. When were last medications given, and what dose? 2. Verify what procedure(s) we are doing and get the permission to proceed and estimate and authorization form signed.… Read More