I have included some information/checklists about Anesthesia set up and check lists that I prefer to follow if you will want me to be responsible for anesthesia procedures.
Anesthesia Check List – PATIENT CARE
Preparing for Anesthesia - Check List

There are some things you can do that can help your relief vet at your practice.
Some of this knowledge will keep the appointments flowing well.
Feel free to print out this page to leave the information for me.
Have employees to wear their name tags.
Please write out or otherwise have available:
The sign on information for use of the computer and software.
An internet password (for access to VIN)
Employee names with their title/function.

Are there functions besides diagnosis, prescribing and surgery that your staff do not do?

List who has access to controlled substances.

A list of controlled substances that are used frequently
Or copy and print from the list below.

Morphine             _________ mg/ml
Hydromorphone        _________ mg/ml
Buprenex             _________ mg/ml
Sustained release    _________ mg/ml

This is my typical placement for vaccinations:
Rabies vac SQ right flank fold area
DHPP + Lyme + Lepto vac SQ left flank fold area
Influenza dorsal scapular midline
FVRCP vac SQ left flank fold area
Or do you prefer vaccinations given in specific sites?

Do you have requirements for starting or continuing NSAIDs or other medications?

No                 q 6 mo                          q 12 mo

If so what is the minimum panel?

What is the desired insulin to start diabetics on?

Please list anything else you would like to communicate to me.