Please be sure your anesthesia machine has a pop-off occlusion valve. Hoses Reservoir bag Isoflurane levels adequate Fresh baralyme granules Turn on O2 O2 levels adequate Scavenger/exhaust switches on Pressure check machine MONITORING EQUIPTMENT AND ANESTHETIST SUPPLIES Multifunction monitor plugged in and functional Stethoscope Blood pressure accessories Thermometer DENTAL PROCEDURES ORAL SX SUPPLIES (if needed)  Dental machine on and clean Water tanks filled with distilled water Circulating water blanket on and warm Bair Hugger X-ray unit plugged in and turned on Patient entered into x-ray database and set up Oral surgery supplies if needed Large towel Sterile extraction pack Mouth gag/syringes Local block supplies Drill Bits Suture Scalpel blade SURGICAL PROCEDURES  Bair hugger set up in surgery Patient ties and /or sandbags Appropriate sterile pack Additional surgical equipment (cautery,suction,drapes etc) Much thanks to Angee (Dyer) Corso, DVM for compiling the basics of this list.