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This is a sample contract.  Each contract I make is based on this sample.  This is to help give you an idea about some details I think are important.  We can add or adjust items. The fees/compensation may be changed to reflect costs of travel and lodging upon mutual agreement.
You may wish to review my policy page in addition to reviewing this contract.

Article I
Relief veterinarian responsibilities and requirements
The relief veterinarian will:

  1. Hold current state license to practice veterinary medicine.
    1. WA VT 4388
    2. HI HE 740
    3. FL VM 14014
    4. PA  BV 015056
    5. MA 8439, CS Reg # 809168
    6. OR 8059
    7. Texas – 16248
    8. Additional state license will be applied for upon signed contract agreement.
  2. USDA-Aphis Category 1 Accredited in WA and FL # 003672 for interstate movement.
  3. Provide own professional liability insurance/License Defense. (AVMAPLIT)
  4. Maintain DEA certificate.
  5. Be responsible for own FICA and Federal withholding taxes.
  6. Carry copies of all relevant licenses.
  7. Be responsible for own travel and business expenses unless otherwise specified.
  8. Work the scheduled hours.
  9. Be available to complete the day’s work and emergency patients admitted by the clinic.
  10. Provide veterinary care in the form of professional exam, diagnoses, treatment, nursing care, dentistry, surgery, consultation and professional recommendations to patrons on hospital premises.
  11. Practice veterinary medicine under the guidelines of the State Veterinary Practice Act, and be competent in medicine and surgery in dogs and cats.
  12. Practice in a professional and ethical manner.
  13. Determine the means and/or method of performing duties contracted.
  14. Determine on a case-by-case basis to complete any surgery, dentistry or procedure.
  15. Determine if aggressive/dangerous patients will be seen.
  16. Utilize current pain management protocols.

The relief veterinarian will not:

  1. Crop ears or declaw.
  2. Complete surgery, dentistry or other procedures without acceptable pain, anesthesia, fluid therapy, thermal support, post-operative/post-procedural management strategies.
  3. Complete surgery, dentistry or other procedures without acceptable technical support and instrumentation.
  4. Complete dental extractions without radiographs.
  5. Give prophylactic antibiotics to sterile surgeries or standard dentistries.
  6. Subcontract the scheduled times unless mutually agreed upon with documentation via text, email or other reproducible format.

Article II
Employing clinic responsibilities

  1. The clinic will provide a safe, clean, well-equipped working environment.
  2. The clinic will provide a supply of commonly used in-date drugs and supplies.
  3. The clinic will provide sufficient number of properly trained staff to complete normal support staff duties.
  4. The relief veterinarian may utilize all clinic staff, drugs and equipment.
  5. The clinic will file IRS Form-1099 for Independent Contractors for the relief veterinarian (EIN).
  6. The clinic will provide workers compensation insurance for ‘temporary employee’ if there is a work place incident. (Dr. Bennett has had no work related injuries so far).
  7. The clinic will designate a specific staff member responsible for determining whether late emergencies (requiring overtime pay) will be seen by the relief veterinarian or referred to an emergency facility.

Article III
Terms of Contract

  1. The relief Veterinarian is hired for the dates and times listed below or in further communications.
  2. The fee charged is: See link for basic fee informations
  3. This contract is in effect for all further shifts unless specifically terminated by Dr. Bennett.
  4. Invoices will be provided in advance for the expected shift(s), overtime will be invoiced on a future invoice.
  5. Payment for the contracted time per shift should be available at the end of the shift for a single shift or at the last day worked of the week if several days contracted for the week.
  6. Payment should be made on the last day of each week when multiple weeks are scheduled unless otherwise arranged.
  7. Preferred payment form is ACH transfer. Routing#                  Acct #          or other electronic funds transfer including PayPal or Zelle. Alternatively make checks payable to Lisa Bennett, DVM provided weekly on last day worked of each week.
  8. Practice is liable for all expenses and legal fees incurred in collection of payment for services. Litigation will be in Sarasota County Florida.
  9. Late payment fee will be assessed an additional fee of $200 per invoice per week
  10. Interests on amounts due accrue at 1.5% monthly.

Article IV
Patient files and documents

All patient files, documents and records are the property of the clinic. Forms, price lists, handouts, and other documents may not be removed or copied without permission from the clinic.

Article V

  1. This contract may be terminated/cancelled prematurely only if:
    1. Both parties mutually agree due to differences of personality, practice style or client satisfaction.
    2. Hospital is not acceptably compliant with COVID-19 safety measures.
    3. The relief veterinarian becomes disabled and is unable to fulfill the requirements of Article I. The deposit for any unfulfilled shifts will be returned.
    4. Upon delinquent payment greater than 72 hours.
  2. Client shall email and/or text notice of cancellation of specific service appointments. Cancellation will not be in effect until acknowledged by Lisa Bennett, DVM, CVA.
  3. Any shift cancelled will be immediately invoiced and payment due.
  4. If cancelled by hospital in advance of contracted start date:
    1. >12 weeks ahead incur 30% of contracted fees.
    2. 9-12 weeks ahead incur 40% of contracted fees.
    3. 7-8 weeks ahead incur 50% of contracted fees.
    4. 5-6 weeks ahead incur 60% of contracted fees.
    5. 3-4 weeks ahead incur 70% of contracted fees.
    6. 15-20 days ahead incur 80% of contracted fees.
    7. 5-14 days ahead incur 90% of contracted fees.
    8. Cancellations less than 5 days ahead incur 100% of contracted fees.
    9. All fees are immediately due and payable.
  5. If cancelled by hospital during the contract:
    1. 100% of remaining contracted fees.
    2. Cancellation due to delinquent payment (> 72 hours) during the contracted time incur 100% fee of all further/remaining fees.
    3. Cancellation for any other reason incurs 100% fee of all shifts remaining.
  6. Client will pay for any non-refundable travel costs, lodging costs, rental car costs and collection fees incurred either before or during  contract.

Article VI
Termination of Contract

  1. By mutual agreement with documented mutual acknowledgement such as emails or texts of both parties.
  2. Malpractice and/or unethical conduct by either party.
  3. Failure to remit payment as agreed herein.
  4. Subject to cancellation fees as noted in Article V.

___________________________________________________      ________________________

Lisa Bennett, DVM, CVA                                                                     Date

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Practice Owner (Printed and Signature)                                            Date