The minimum is charged for practices within 30 miles of Sarasota, FL.
The fees will be adjusted to account for high density scheduling as well as travel, lodging and car rental if needed– to be negotiated advance. The length of contract will also impact fees.
6 hours worked $750 M-F,  $ 900 Sat
7 hours worked $875 M-F,  $ 1050 Sat
8 hours worked $1000 M-F, $ 1200 Sat
9 hours worked $1125 M-F, $ 1350 Sat
10 hours worked $1250 M-F, $ 1500 Sat

Overtime is $50 per 15 min. (working through lunch or after scheduled shift)
High density scheduling (regularly requiring > 3 exams per hour) may have an increase fee at my discretion, please ask.
General practice shifts > 6 hours allow for an unpaid hour lunch. A full hour will be charged at overtime rate if there is not time for the doctor to leave/be free of interruption for a full hour.
Late fees: $100 per invoice per week.