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27540346_10213678955462453_6807800093939799245_nI am a 1992 Washington State CVM graduate. I owned Beaver Lake Animal Hospital in Issaquah, WA until 2017.  I live in Sarasota, Florida now.  From here I can drive to most areas of Florida and I can drive or fly to anywhere. I keep updated with veterinary medicine, surgery and dentistry. I can capture ultrasound images for most abdominal organs. I prefer to have the images reviewed by a radiologist. I can bring my ultrasound for hospitals that I drive to. I have not yet worked out compensation for this.

I love relief work in part because I love to travel. I like to visit new states. I enjoy meeting new doctors, staff, clients and patients.  The variety of hospital settings and software keep me on my toes always learning new things and ways of practice.

I love veterinary medicine in general.  I hold licenses in WA, HI, FL, PA, MA, OR and TX. I am willing to work anywhere as long as it is warm weather!  I prefer to work about 40 hours a week but have some flexibility for more or less.  I work general practice and I work ER. I only work days.  Weekend and holiday days are fine with me.  I am eligible to license in every state that I know of.  Licensing takes time and has associated costs which must be accounted for in negotiations.  Most of my work takes me away from home so lodging costs are also accounted for in contract negotiations if not provided by/from the hospital.

I seek out longer assignments. Maternity leave, surgery recovery and other longer term needs are ideal for me. I try to schedule those as far in advance as possible.   This allows me to plan my year(s) and have time to complete licensing if I will be in a new state.  If you need a shorter time, particularly if you are in Florida please let me know.

I am a certified veterinary acupuncturist.  As a relief doctor I do not regularly use this skill.  I have not been very comfortable with Eastern medicine but acupuncture still has benefits without the use of Eastern medicine.  If your hospital has appropriate needles and other supplies I will evaluate a case to see if I think I can help them in the time I have available during the contract period.  I normally have a staff member assist me as needed while I place needles and for about 20 to 25 minutes after needles are placed.  There are also some single sites that I use with aqua-puncture.