Lisa Bennett, DVM, CVA
Dr. Bennett

239 351 6616

Welcome to Bennett Veterinary Relief.

Corona Virus Update: 
I am vaccinated for Covid.  I will modify my safety policies (masking, curbside, etc) as the statistics  change.  Please ask what I am comfortable with.

Currently licensed in WA, HI, FL, PA, MA, OR and TX.  I am currently working local to my residence in Sarasota Florida.  Feel free to contact me if you would like me to consider your relief needs.

My goal is to keep your hospital running as smoothly  as possible while following a high standard of practice.  I adapt relatively quickly to most software or paper record keeping.  I try to keep your staff happy and most staff tell me they are happy to work with me and want to know when I will return.  I try to offer your clients every option their pet should have for diagnosis and treatment. I have been relatively successful at keeping clients happy.  If they cannot accept plan A, I can help prioritize recommendations to fit their ability.

I have been offering relief service since July 2017.  Please contact me for any questions. I am providing information here where you can learn about me, my resume, my policies, about my sample contract and fee schedule as well as see my availability in my calendar.

I love being a vet. I love doing relief work and travel.  I love living in Florida. I love dogs and cats and in particular have a fondness for Golden Retrievers.